Wills and Probate
We've been working for and with families, charities and businesses for over 60 years. With offices throughout the UK, we understand all wills and probate. We provide a personal service to apply your loved one's wishes correctly, affordably and quickly.


  • We can help with writing a will, amending an existing will, estate planning, tax planning, and reviewing assets.
  • Setting up a lifetime trust, tax planning, and administering an ongoing trust.
  • Powers of attorney as well as powers of attorney for property and affairs and for personal welfare.
  • We help secure Probate or letters of administration for the estate.

A lot of things have to be arranged after a death, such as a funeral, notifying banks, building societies, insurance companies, creditors and government departments. Inheritance Tax and Income Tax have to be dealt with. Property and shares may have to be valued and sold. Any debt must be cleared. A Grant of Probate may be needed.

Legal Forms
    It's essential to have expert help filling in necessary legal forms. This will avoid mistakes being made and ensure that any tax relief available is claimed. We can handle specific tasks your representatives need help with or take the stress away entirely and deal with everything from beginning to end. We offer fixed or capped fee quotes to give peace of mind.

Helping Families

During a difficult time, the last thing your family will want is legal correspondence, tax returns, or to apply for probate. Applying for probate can be a lengthy and complicated process, so it's no surprise when inheritors make mistakes in this application. There are significant penalties for incorrectly declaring assets in the estate to the Inland Revenue, even if the mistake was unintentional.

Living Will

Wills Probate Team

Our team is based throughout the UK. We are one of the UK's leading firms for Will Writing and Estate Administration.

Wills Solicitors

Our wills and probate solicitors will spend time getting to know you to fully understand your needs.

Trust Solicitors

Our lawyers will help you understand any legal jargon and can usually give you a fixed fee quote before starting any work.

Will and Probate Services

Our Wills & Probate Services department creates, executes and maintains your estate plan by writing and executing wills, trusts, medical powers of attorney, and much more.


Our Wills cover all the key areas and ensure your final wishes are carried out correctly. Your will is one of the essential documents you'll ever make, and it gives direction to what happens when you die.


If someone close to you has died, dealing with the Estate Administration can make it extremely stressful. There are many legal and financial jobs and tasks to complete while dealing with personal grief, and let us deal with those formalities for your family at this emotional time.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Powers of attorney allow someone else to make decisions on your behalf if you can't make one for yourself. Make sure your partner, wife or close relatives have the ability to carry out your wishes if you become unable.

Planning for Care

One-third of us need long term care in our later years. We can help you create a care plan for the future so that family members understand exactly what you want and need when planning for care. Having your Will and Probate prepared before the family needs it, talk to experts Will Probate.

Other Wills and Probate

Inheritance Tax planning services can help you manage the long-term implications of leaving a significant estate behind.

Estate Planning offers the most advanced estate planning techniques and the most efficient writing process. We are not an old, and dusty law firm stuck in the past. 

A care plan is a document that outlines your assessed health and social care needs. It specifies who will provide your care, the type of care you need, how the support will be given and any charges you may have to pay.

Often at the most stressful of times, your relatives are trying to understand things like Executor, Lasting Power of Attorney and Probate,'' Wills and Probate Glossary will help them.

Will and Probate Services

Need advice on wills and probate talk to our team.

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Clear and concise, our Wills and Probate information pages give you the information you need about making a will, getting help, dealing with funerals and more.